Urvi Dave

Urvi Dave is a talented artist who was born and raised in the beautiful city of Surendranagar. She completed her Diploma in Fine Arts from Wadhwan and later pursued an Art Teacher Diploma from Rajpipla. Urvi has always had a passion for painting and she loves to experiment with various mediums. Her preferred mediums are oil and acrylic colors, and she creates beautiful artworks using stroke-work patterns.

For Urvi, art is not just a hobby, but an essential part of her life. She believes that art has the power to bring out the best in people and helps them understand themselves better. Her artistic journey has taken her to different parts of India, and she has always been inspired by the colors and sceneries of the places she visits.
Currently, Urvi is living in Goa and has been mesmerized by the stunning landscapes and vibrant colors of the place. The beauty of Goa has inspired her to paint more and more, and she has created some of her best artworks during her stay there.

Urvi’s paintings reflect her love for nature and her keen observation of the world around her. Her strokes are precise, and the colors blend together seamlessly, creating a sense of harmony and balance in her artworks.