Madhvi Jadeja


Madhavvi Jadeja is an emerging artist who was born and brought up in the vibrant town of Surendranagar. Passionate about the arts from a young age, Madhavvi pursued her education in the field, completing her secondary education at R.P.S Girls High School, before continuing her studies at Shreeji College of Arts in Rajpipla.

It was during her time at Shreeji College of Fine Arts that Madhavvi honed her skills as an art teacher, earning her Art Teacher Diploma degree. With a natural flair for teaching, Madhavvi went on to work as an art teacher in both primary and secondary schools, where she inspired countless young minds to explore their creativity.

As a professional exhibitor of handmade and fusion jewellery designing, Madhavvi has gained valuable experience in the art world, showcasing her work at the prestigious Trisha Gallery in Vadodara. Her work is a stunning fusion of traditional and contemporary design, showcasing her eye for detail and unique artistic flair.

Madhavvi’s major interests lie in art work, sketching, and Photoshop. She brings a fresh perspective to her work, blending traditional techniques with modern technology to create unique pieces that are truly her own. With her passion for the arts and her unwavering dedication to her craft, Madhavvi is poised to make her mark in the art world and is eagerly seeking opportunities to further her career.