Janki Lakhtariya


Reshma(Janki) Lakhtariya is a talented artist based in Ahmedabad. She discovered her love for art at an early age and went on to pursue a degree in Fine Arts from Vadhawan, where she honed her skills and developed her unique artistic style.

Reshma’s preferred mediums are oil and acrylic, and she loves to experiment with various techniques to create stunning works of art. However, she is particularly fond of working in oil color, as she finds it offers her more scope for expression and creativity.
Nature is one of Reshma’s primary sources of inspiration, and she loves to paint landscapes, seascapes, and other natural scenes. She believes that there is something magical and captivating about the beauty of nature that draws people in and captivates their senses.
Currently, Reshma is working from home, creating new pieces and refining her technique. She hopes to continue exploring her passion for art and sharing her talent with the world through her paintings. With her dedication and talent, Reshma is sure to make a name for herself in the art world and continue to inspire others with her beautiful works.