Charu Sompura


Charu Sompura is a talented visual artist and performer born in Bhuj-Kutch and currently based in Vadodara. Charu’s love for the arts led her to pursue a career in fine arts, with diplomas, degrees, and post-graduate studies in multiple disciplines.

As an art mentor for six years, Charu is deeply committed to fostering creativity and artistic expression in others. In pursuit of this goal, she founded COPPAR STUDIO, a collaborative art space in Vadodara where artists can come together to share their passion and develop their skills.
Charu’s artwork is a reflection of her diverse interests and experiences. Her pieces range from vibrant and energetic abstract paintings to intricate and delicate illustrations. Through her work, Charu strives to evoke emotion and inspire others to see the beauty in the world around them.

Overall, Charu Sompura is a talented and passionate artist, mentor, and founder, whose dedication to the arts has inspired countless others to pursue their own creative passions.