Hiral Panchal


Hiral Panchal is a talented artist and art teacher based in Ahmedabad, India. She holds a diploma from C. U. Shah College Of Fine Arts and has been teaching art for the last 5 years at the prestigious Sarvayogam School in Gulbai Tekra.

In addition to her teaching experience, Hiral has also built an impressive portfolio of artwork. She has worked on various projects including wall paintings, fabric design, and canvas paintings on order basis. She has also conducted many summer camps with Jalsa Art, where she has taught drawing, painting, sketching, and craft to young kids.

Hiral has a keen eye for detail and a brilliant sense of color. Her preferred mediums are oil colors, acrylic colors, and watercolors. Her artwork is inspired by Indian mythology and devotional gods and goddesses.

For Hiral, art is not just a profession but a way of life. It brings her immense pleasure and fulfillment, and she is always motivated to challenge herself to create unique and satisfying artwork. Her passion for art also extends to sharing her expertise with young kids, and she enjoys teaching and inspiring the next generation of artists.