Payalben Joshi


Payalben Joshi is a talented artist hailing from the city of Amreli, Gujarat. She pursued her education in ATD and BA with English, which has helped her to develop a deep understanding of art and literature. Payalben is currently working as a Principal in a Gov. Pre School and is passionate about teaching young children.

Alongside her profession, Payalben has a strong passion for oil painting on canvas, which she considers as her form of expression. She has been painting for several years and has a keen eye for detail, which reflects in her work. Her artwork often captures the beauty of nature, depicting landscapes, flowers, and wildlife, through her unique and creative perspective.
Apart from painting, Payalben also enjoys drawing, which she considers as her hobby. She believes that teaching and drawing go hand in hand, as they both require creativity and patience. Through her art and teaching, she aims to inspire young minds and nurture their love for art.